Wearable fitness trackers are here, and they are here to stay. But how useful are they? In Q3 2016 there were a whopping 23m wearable devices sold, with watches/fitness bands making up 85% of those. The Fitbit is by far the most popular, with features such as calorie expenditure, heart rate monitoring, sleep quality and exercise tracking. Having a device that can track this data is undoubtedly cool, but how many of us actually use the data to improve our fitness and nutrition? Hell, how many of us even wear our smart watches on a daily basis?

wearable fitness tech

Similarly, the use of tools such as MyFitnessPal has made tracking macronutrients easy and accessible to anyone with a smart phone. But how many of us analyse the data and use it to align our diets with our fitness goals?

Wearable tech is a hot topic in the fitness world and technology is set to advanced significantly. Over the coming years, we’ll see shoes that can track changes in our weight, track our calorific output and charge the batteries on our smart devices. We’ll see biometric garments and ingestible devices that can measure and track levels of things like body fat, muscle mass, glucose, ketones, triglycerides, cholesterol and important minerals. This is all fantastic, but what’s the point of measuring these metrics if we don’t know how to use the data to improve our health, fitness and nutrition? Even if we did know how, would we take the time out of our day to do so?



This is where Fitterr believes the future of online fitness coaching lies. Most online fitness coaches currently sell tailored fitness and nutritional plans. The problem is that they don’t often have the power to accurately track, record and analyse their client’s fitness and nutritional progress over time.

Fitterr is an online marketplace for online fitness coaches. Whether you’re into running, cycling, triathlons, bodybuilding or if you just want to lose weight, you can find an online fitness coach for that on the Fitterr Marketplace.

Fitterr allows consumers to safely compare, purchase and communicate with online fitness coaches from across the globe from any device at anytime. Once a client hires an online fitness coach, both parties can chat via instant message, share files and initiate video chats.

Fitterr is currently running an Indiegogo campaign and trying to raise $60,000 to integrate with macro tracking apps and wearable tech providers so that (with the clients permission), your chosen online fitness coach can accurately track your training data, calorific input and output, macronutrient breakdowns, changes in muscle mass and body fat and other biometrics such as changes is blood sugar and triglycerides in real-time. Your coach can use this data to regularly update your fitness and nutritional plans with supreme accuracy. They may also be able to spot any potential hazards or worrying health metrics.

You can check out their INDIEGOGO campaign, which launches on 6th June, here: https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/e82949ce