Help CentreCategory: QuestionsWhat Happens After I Order A FitJob?
fitterr Staff asked 9 months ago
1 Answers
fitterr Staff answered 9 months ago

Once you order a fitjob from a seller, the following sequence happens:

  1. When you order a fitjob, your money is held in a safe escrow account
  2. You are taken to your dashboard, where you can communicate and share files with the seller
  3. Often a seller will reach out to ask you for details, so they can tailor the fitjob to meet your needs
  4. The seller will ‘start’ the fitjob and has to deliver it within the delivery time that they listed on the fitjob page
  5. Once the fitjob has been delivered, you need to mark the fitjob as complete and leave a review
  6. If you are unhappy with your fitjob, you can communicate with the seller to resolve the issue, or open a dispute if necessary
  7. Once the fitjob is complete, the money is released to the seller