Help CentreCategory: QuestionsAre you guys still in business?
killercoach Staff asked 2 weeks ago

I just got charged 99 bucks for the year!  I went online to post some fit jobs and nothing is working.  Then I went to your social media accounts and nothing has been posted in a while.  How do I either, 1- get my money back or 2- post some jobs?

killercoach Staff replied 2 weeks ago

Ok, I’d really love to know if I can still post a “fit job” maybe it will help me get some $$ back for the $99 subscription I just paid?
Please let me know if the site is still functional? Maybe it’s just me not being able to figure it out.
If it is not functional, I think people should get a refund.

Thanks, Tricia

msides Staff replied 1 week ago

I, too, have been charged $99 for a service I have never used and explicitly followed directions for cancellation. I’m hoping I can cancel it from PayPal and get a refund.

killercoach Staff replied 7 days ago

well, I got to post a fit job today!! It’s finally working!