What Does Pro Membership Include?

Fitterr Pro Membership allows you to post up to 10 FitJobs (fitness services). We also promote all members fitjobs to our global audience.

How Do I Get Paid?

When a customer buys your FitJob, the money is held in a safe account. Once you deliver the FitJob and it is confirmed, the money is made available to you in your dashboard. You can withdraw to your PayPal account anytime. You can also track sales and revenue in your dashboard.

Do You Charge A Commission Fee?

Fitterr charges a 10% payment processing fee on each sale.

What Can I Sell?

Fitterr members can sell a wide variety of fitness plans, programmes, ebooks and exclusive video content for a wide variety of diciplines including weight loss, bodybuilding, running, cycling, triathlons, crossfit, yoga and more! If you would like us to add a new catagory, get in touch and our team will happily look into it.