Virtual Reality is the new immersive concept that is beginning to implement itself into the mainstream consumer conscious. Leading technology developers have embraced the new software and what once seemed like a distant premonition popularised by science fiction narratives is becoming an obvious reality. It is literally before your eyes and tech savvy entrepreneurs are beginning to ride the wave towards its imminent crescendo.


By now you will have heard of the ‘Occulus Rift’ and Sony’s recently released VR headset. Sony where in fact surprised by the amount of sales on the initial releases which reached upwards of 100,000.



This number is only going to escalate when the software becomes more affordable and relevant. So how are tech companies making the software relevant? One of the ways companies are developing the software to meet the demands of mainstream appeal is through developing interactive fitness applications.


Why is this?


The fitness industry is enjoying an influx of consumers. Our society is becoming more health conscious and it is also becoming more conscious of technology. This paralleled popularity is being noticed by marketers and the two are developing a relationship that is nothing short that a holy matrimony.



Virtual Fitness


For example, at the latest CES (Consumer Electronic Show) this relationship was realised through the new VR Fitness platform called ‘Icaros’. This new technology firmly sandwiches Fitness and Technology together in a way no one has seen it before. ‘Icaros’ is a full body workout. This fully body workout is achieved because of the platforms gyroscopic design. You are given a machine as well as a headset and you have to use you core strength to control your movement as you fly through the various in game settings.


Johannes Scholl of Icaros said “This is a combined exercise machine and virtual reality flight simulator that turns you into superman”.


As well, as creating surreal experiences, the technology aims to make your workouts more enjoyable. So enjoyable that you don’t know you are working out. The interactive application also allows you to choose workouts based on your physical ability. This makes it more accessible to the general public. Think of this technology as the guy she told you not to worry about while you play on your Wii Fit.


As well, as independent software designer, there are many companies who are adopting the technology as a means to propel their own companies. One of these companies are called ‘Holodia’ whose aim to ‘bridge realities’. ‘Holdia’ are bridging the gap between the realities between your gym and your home with their new product, ‘Holofit’. The website says that:


“HOLOFIT is the leading global VR fitness software platform that offers multisport immersive VR training, competition, fun and networking, across borders, anywhere you choose to train”.


However, what ‘Holodia’ supply is the headset and software. The software moves with your movement through virtual environments while giving you motivational cues. However, you still have to physically exercise on an apparatus. You can use the headset while exercising on a spinning bike, rowing machine or standard tredmill. It caters to cardio-vascular exercise because the software relies on you moving in reality so you can move through your virtual reality.



How does this benefit a personal trainer?


This is just two of the leading competitors in the newly developed virtual fitness industry. As the technology increases, the prices will decrease and the headsets and software will become more accessible. In the not so distant future personal trainers may hold VR sessions for their clients where you have simultaneous fitness experience. Forward thinking fitness aficionados will have included the technology in their gyms and online personal trainers will be able to contact and workout with their clients through virtual messaging. Just like an interactive Skype call.


Fitterr sellers will be able to sell interactive sessions on Fitterr as early as Autumn 2017.


As I have said before, the future is in front of your eyes. Just makes sure to join the wave before the tide comes in so you take advantage of an untapped resource before it becomes a brands necessity.



Chris is a personal trainer and blogger at Origym who wrote this article. He is interested in the benefits of new technologies. Especially, within his preferred realm of fitness.