When you’re preparing for a long distance race, every little advantage helps, and while you can find millions of free articles online, nothing comes close to hiring a professional coach. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned marathon runner, hiring a professional running coach is an amazing way to improve your performance, avoid injury and find that much needed moral support. Having a professionally designed training plan and someone to turn to for advice and support can be invaluable when it comes to preparing for long distance races.

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Hiring a running coach can be fantastic, but finding a coach in your local area that suits your needs can be tough, and expensive! That’s why thousands of people are turning to the internet to find an online running coach. Thanks to technology, you can now quickly and conveniently find an online running coach, hire them to design you a tailored running programme and check in with them via email or video chat.

However, until now, scouring the web for an online running coach has been a tedious task and separating the genuine coaches from the ‘wannabes’ was near impossible.

Thanks to Fitterr, you can now find and compare many of the world’s best online running coaches in one place. You can also compare programmes, read genuine reviews and purchase services in confidence. When you purchase an online running programme/plan from a coach, you can head to your dashboard from any device, at any time, to chat with them via instant message, share files or start a video chat. Fitterr also holds your money in a safe escrow account until the coach delivers your plan. If you’re happy with it, you mark the job as complete. If you’re not, you can open a dispute.

Mixing With The Elite

The innovative marketplace has already attracted hoards of high profile running coaches already, including names such as Jason Fitzgerald, RunningBrina, Kyle Kranz and RunCoach, who have posted various online running programmes, starting at just $20.

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Finding The Right Plan For You

Bespoke running plans start at just $20, but it’s important you find a coach that suits your needs. It’s a good idea to read customer reviews, check the coach out on social media and check how much personalisation each plan includes. On Fitterr, you can also see what languages the coach speaks and what time zone they are in.

If you can’t find the perfect plan for you, you can even send a coach a request for a custom order, including your own requirements, budget and delivery time.

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New Technologies

The company is also looking to take the technology to the next level, with the integration of wearable fitness trackers. You’ll soon be able to link your FitBit, Apple Watch, Garmin, MyFitnessPal and Strava to Fitterr, then grant access to your new online running coach. With accurate data from your runs, your coach will be able to provide highly detailed training programmes and advice to improve your performance. Their INDIEGOGO campaign launches soon, follow their journey Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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