If you already sell fitness plans online, you’ll know how hard it is to attract new customers. I speak with hundreds of personal trainers every month, and they always ask me the same thing; how do I increase my sales? Well, I have decided to share this one marketing tactic that I have used to rapidly increase the sales of companies all over the world..

First, lets look at what the success online fitness coaches and personal trainers are doing. It’s impossible not to have seen these ‘insta-famous’ fitness models who are making a killing by selling online transformation plans. Unfortunately, unless you have the marketing knowledge and budget to grow a loyal following of 1 million+ followers, you aren’t going to able to rely on high volumes of traffic to bring you the sales you want. So how do you go about attracting lots of customer without several million social media followers? 

The mistake most people make is thinking that a stranger will pay them $50+ for fitness plan, simply because they have a flashy website and a few thousand Instagram followers. That just isn’t how business works. If you want to attract a customer, you have to convince them of the value that you can deliver. So how do you deliver value if they won’t purchase your products?

5 Steps To Creating An Unstoppable Business

1. Create A Lead Magnet


Lead magnets are used by some of the world’s most successful companies. Notice how Netflix gives you a 1 month free trial, how McDonald’s offers $0.99 burgers and how LinkedIn is offering $50 free advertising credit? These are all examples of lead magnets. Their purpose is to capture your information and your attention, then deliver excellent value, so that they then have a strong base to market their more profitable services to you later.

For online fitness plans, there are  number of effective lead magnets:

Fitness ebook lead magnet

Free/Discounted eBook

One of the mos tpopular lead magnets in 2017 is the 'free eBook'. Successful online fitness coaches such as Joseph Rakich have used a free eBook to successfully capture peoples emails, which he can then later use to indoctrinate people to his brand and up-sell his plans. Creating your own eBook is pretty simple, and can be done in Word or PowerPoint and exported as a PDF. The key is to make the content and title super appealing to your target audience, and provide lots of value to the readers.

7 day trial for $5

7 Day Trial For $5

Another popular tactic is offering the chance for prospective customers to try your fitness plan without having to commit to a more expensive long term plan. Once you have shown them how awesome your plans are and how much they can help them, you can then up-sell your longer term fitness plans to them.

2. Drive Traffic To Your Lead Magnet


Creating a lead magnet is a great way to turn traffic into customers, but that doesn’t work if you don’t have traffic.

There are three main ways to drive traffic to your lead magnet:

  1. Free traffic. This is undoubtably the best in theory, but driving free traffic through social media an content marketing is incredibly difficult.
  2. Paid advertising. The most effective paid advertising platforms for the fitness industry are Facebook & Instagram. If your lead magnet is strong enough, you can attract leads for as little as a few dollars.
  3. Fitterr Marketplace. For $9.95 per month, you can list up to 10 fitjobs (fitness services & lead magnets) on Fitterr. Fitterr drives thousands of customers to its platform, all you have to do is post some enticing lead magnets. They also offer a free trial:


3. Up-Sell Your Services

If you over-deliver with your lead magnet and prove to the client that you’re the real deal, you’ll be in a great position to up-sell your longer term plans. This is a great chance to up-sell your 8-12 week plans, priced between $50-$150.

If you are using Fitterr, you can monitor what stage your customers are at and send them messages and links to your other services. If you’re using your own website, you can email your clients links to your products/services.


4. Create A Recurring Revenue


Making it to step 3 puts you in the top 10% of online fitness coaches and can make you a tidy profit. However, mastering step 4 is the key to creating an annual revenue of $100k+.

Providing you have wowed your client with amazing support and results, the next step is to get them onto a subscription plan. By offering ongoing fitness coaching, support and exclusive content you can demand prices of $30-$100 each and every month.

Once you achieve this, it’s simply a case of scaling your business model. 


Recurring Fitness Membership

5. Scale & Cross-Sell


Once you have a proven business model, you can begin to increase marketing spend to scale your business. 


With a large customer base of loyal customers, the next step is to cross-sell relevant products. A great way to do this is by becoming an affiliate for sports clothing, supplement and online food delivery companies such as GymShark, BodyBuildingWarehouse and MuscleFood. You can write regular blogs that recommend products you believe in, and include links to their respective websites. When your customers go through and make purchases, you automatically receive a percentage of each sale.