Triathlon - 16 week self starter training plan - any distance (no customization)

Last modified: July 30, 2017

Have you considered getting a coach but for some reason you haven’t taken that next step – the time in now!

With over 100 years of accumulative coaching experience (based in the USA and Australia) ETPA will provide you with a beginner plan  designed to get your started in the world of triathlon beginning with a minimal level of fitness. The plan is periodized, gradually increasing volume and intensity over time to get you across the finish line performing strong and feeling confident. Your program is delivered electronically – so you can live anywhere; geography is no limiter here

Once registered you will receive an email to set up  a 30 minute on-boarding call with your coach (via skype, phone or similar.) Then, give us 5 days to deliver your training plan – then let’s get to work!

What you get

*On-boarding call

* Beginner self starter training plan delivered via an interactive platform in 4 weekly periodized training blocks

* Training zone assessment and prescription (Heart Rate, Power, and/or time cycles for the pool)

“This is your life – this is YOUR day”

Raeleigh Harris – ETPA America Head Coach and Director. 70.3 AG World Champion 2016

“i think, then i pick, and then i stick – and nothing shifts me from my view, no bad races, no bad days, no bad moods”

Chrissie Wellington – 4-time Ironman World Champion


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    Fully Custom triathlon training, and self starter training plans - delivered digitally. ETPA provide programs for all distances and all levels. Weather you aim to cross the finish line of your first triathlon or have your sights set on qualifying for an international event we have the plan for you....