The 10 B's of Triathlon Swimming

Last modified: August 1, 2017

The 10 B’s of Triathlon Swimming will remove the fear, doubt, confusion and reservations you may have about getting good at swimming and systematically break down the triathlon swim stroke components into doable and understandable “chunks.”  By taking this approach to your swimming, the mind/body relationship is better able to decipher and decode the elements of swimming and your relationship to water.  Now you will be able to better see yourself, through the process of visualization, swimming long and relaxed, efficiently and elegantly moving through the water. After reading The 10 B’s of Triathlon Swimming you will not only have conquered the swim but can finally say: “WOW, I’m really good and comfortable with this!” 

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      I am a USAT Level II certified triathlon coach along with being a premier swim tactician for endurance athletes. I have an extensive background in working with pro triathletes, Kona qualifiers and age groupers. I am an ASCA Level III Swim Coach and Masters Swim Coach easily adapting to an...