Lose 8kg In 8 Weeks!

Last modified: March 30, 2017

Want to lose 8kg in 8 weeks WITHOUT BEING HUNGRY? Then this plan is for you!

Using a combination of all the best diet tricks out there, I’ll help you lose weight and keep it off all without giving up your favorite foods:

The plan combines the following techniques:

– Send your metabolism into overdrive with carb cycling

– Burn fat with fasted cardio

– Train your body to use fat as fuel

– Boost metabolism with cheat meals

Once you have purchased, I will contact you to find out your current stats, then get to work on building your custom plan. Delivery usually takes 1-2 days.

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      Hey! I'm Franscecsa and I'm a personal trainer and women's bikini competitor. I provide women's training programmes, nutritional programmes and women's bikini competition coaching :-)