Exercise & Performance Nutritional Coaching

Last modified: July 12, 2017

Four weeks of personalized nutritional coaching designed to teach food specific strategies to help you reach your performance and body composition goals. Learn small personalized changes that become habits by addressing food type, food amount, and food timing ideas SPECIFIC to CrossFit or HIIT type performance.

The four weeks is dedicated to discussing personal strategies for success while setting goals and strategies for staying consistent beyond the four weeks to continuously reach your performance goal.

Online Questionnaire 

Takes place at the beginning of week 1

Determine goal

Set up your food log

Receive a focus for the first week

Once a week:

Receive a strategy to implement for the upcoming week

*Specific to your goals

*Constructed by looking at your past food logs and assessments

Food Log:

A food log that lists the foods/beverages you consumed over the course of the day. This is a shared document that allows me to coach you throughout the week. I have found this to be an incredible tool that allows you to hold yourself accountable, to self-reflect, and to learn!

Daily coaching:

Receive comments/tips on your food log

Email, text, phone call availability

Unlimited help with grocery shopping, restaurant menus, etc.


Determined based on your goal, but the following are most common:

*Performance, energy, scale weight, pictures, body composition measurements, clothes, antecdotal notes, etc.

Weekly Questions:

I encourage you to keep a list of questions you have that come up throughout the week that you may not feel necessary to ask in the moment.

Send them to me once a week.


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