5 Day Strength & Total Body (4 Week)

Last modified: July 13, 2017

This 5 day program is designed for you to hit your entire body so you can get stronger and leaner at the same time.  The core of the program is based around squats, dead-lifts, pull-ups, bench press, and overhead press with each being varied just enough for you to keep pushing at a high level!  Since this is a 5 day plan, these workouts are short but intense.

The workout can be delivered as either a Google Sheet, MS Excel sheet, or a pdf.  If a Google sheet is desired, then real time updates may be applied.  Please indicate which type you desire.

This workout will test you physically and you’ll be much stronger as a result!


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      I have been a weightlifting and boxing coach for the last 7 years. I enjoy working with people and getting to know the story of their lives, such as how they came to be where they are and where they'd like to go. I have a Master's degree in Exercise...