3 Months Personalized Nutrition/Lifestyle Coaching

Last modified: July 8, 2017

Stop dieting. Stop fasting. Stop detoxing. Stop accidentally binge eating. Stop being confused about what’s “good” for you, and what’s “bad” for you. Stop being overwhelmed by trying to “eat healthy” and “live healthy”!

Eating and living healthy doesn’t have to be complicated! Start learning how to eat and live in a way that supports your health, your goals, and your happiness, without compromising your lifestyle. That’s where Precision Nutrition’s Procoach comes in.

Access to Precision Nutrition’s Procoach software will provide you with daily guidance, information, lessons, and “homework” to help you identify and change unhealthy habits to long-lasting, sustainable healthy habits. PLUS, Coach Christy (Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified Coach) will be with you every step of the way to help you navigate your new lifestyle, give you feedback, and keep you accountable.

For only $35/week you can have access to Procoach and Coach Christy, and finally learn how to get out of the dieting lifestyle, and into a sustainable healthy-habit lifestyle.

What you get:

·       Access to Precision Nutrition Procoach Software – PC/Mac/Smartphone compatible

·       Structured year-long nutrition program* based in habit change that will fit your lifestyle – No crazy fad dieting!

·       Nutrition and Lifestyle practices/reading/lessons/habits delivered to your inbox DAILY

·       Routine check-ins and questionnaires to make sure you are staying on track

·       Coaching from Christy to give you feedback, help keep you accountable, and help problem solve difficult habits

·       Unlimited access to Coach Christy (Pn 1) via Procoach messaging feature


*Please note: $450 payment covers 3 months of access to Procoach and Coach Christy. The entire Procoach curriculum is 12 months, so additional payments must be made throughout the program if you wish to continue.

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    Hi, my name is Christy! I'm a fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle coach based out of Portland, Oregon. I specialize in helping young professionals find a balance between the daily pressures of life and work, and finding the time to take care of their own health and wellness. In addition to...