3-Month Running Strength & Mobility Accountability

Last modified: May 12, 2017

This is purely accountability for helping you do daily, consistent, and frequent general strength and mobility routines (GSM).

With this plan, I do not work with your running. You’re on your own with that (or you need up upgrade!). With this plan, I’ll schedule you daily general strength & mobility routines that work around your running/life/edu/work time availabilities.

Most importantly, the accountability to do these daily routines will be there! I’ll expect you to log the time duration it takes you do complete the routines (2-20 minutes daily) and I’ll check up on you if I see you not executing. Doing consistent GSM makes you a stronger and more injury-resilient athlete. Paying me to prescribe you the routines and having me expect you to do them is incredible for accountability.

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