3 month Beginner Olympic Triathlon Training Program

Last modified: August 4, 2017

Just getting started in training for Triathlons?
Looking for a personalized plan from an experienced Coach to help you get to your first Olympic Distance event?

The 3 month Beginner Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Plan will give you the specific workouts and expert guidance that you need in order to progress properly towards your Olympic Distance Triathlon, so you are prepared, and ready to go!

This Program is geared SPECIFICALLY for those who are true beginners who need to work on increasing the time they can run, bike, and swim without a break.

The program’s built for the 3 month Beginner Olympic Triathlon Training start by building up your abilities to run, bike, and swim for longer periods of time, we will also begin short interval work to help you train to maximize your gains, and increase your abilities!

Before you begin this program you should be able to:
– Swim 100 yards Freestyle/Front Crawl without a break
– Run 10 minutes without a break
– Bike for 30 minutes without a break

After Purchasing this program, you will receive an Athlete Intake Questionnaire, which you will need to fill out in full, and return immediately so that we can get started on building YOUR Training plan!

If you are able to:
– Swim 300 yards Freestyle/Front Crawl without a break
– Run 20 minutes without a break
– Bike for 60 minutes without a break

Then our 2 Month Beginner Olympic Distance Triathlon Program is the best fit for you!

What you get

After Purchasing the program & filling out the Athlete Intake Questionnaire, within 7 days you will receive:

-Your full 3 months training plan, built specifically for you, your needs & goals, and your time available to train.

-Training Levels and Descriptions, so you know and understand the different efforts for the Bike, Run, and Swim

-Interval Descriptions, so you know exactly how to do the Intervals in your training

You may also add on a Strength Training plan or a 3 month Nutrition Weight Loss Program to allow you to get the most out of the next 3 months!

*7 day time to deliver training plan begins from when the Athlete Intake Questionnaire is received.

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