3 Month Beginner Cyclist Training Plan

Last modified: August 4, 2017

Looking to get in better shape for your riding?
Looking to climb hills better?
Or maybe your looking to use your bike to help you lose a few pounds?

No matter what your goal is, if you’re looking to get in shape using your bike, then the 3 month Beginner Cycling Training Plan is right for you!
While there are many ways that you can train on your bike, working with a coach for an individualized training program tailored to YOUR needs and abilities, is really the ONLY way to ensure that you are getting exactly what you need!

The 3 month Beginner Cyclist Training Plan allows you to tap into Coach Brodie’s 9+ years experience as a USA Cycling Certified Expert Level coach, coaching athletes from around the world: From the United States and England, to Romania and Eritrea, Coach Brodie has helped Cyclists just like you, to get stronger, leaner, fitter, and faster!

What you get

After Purchasing the program & filling out the Athlete Intake Questionnaire, within 7 days you will receive:

-Your full 3 months training plan, built specifically for you, your needs & goals, and your time available to train.

-Training Levels and Descriptions, so you know and understand the different efforts on the bike

-Interval Descriptions, so you know exactly how to do the Intervals in your training

You may also add on a 3 month Strength Training Program, or a 3 month Nutritional Program for Weight Loss to help you maximize the next 3 months for a fitter, leaner, faster you!

Get the advantage of a highly experienced coach and your very own personalize training plan, so you can reach your goals of becoming a better, stronger, leaner, and more fit cyclist!

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    An Exercise Scientist who has been coaching athletes from around the globe since 2008, Coach Brodie brings a wealth of knowledge to the athletes he works with. From Strength Training & Injury Prevention, to High Performance in sport, athletes working with Coach Brodie know that they will receive training that...