10 Week Womens Slim & Tone Plan

Last modified: May 24, 2017

This program is for everyone who wants to get fast results and see a measurable difference to their body in time for summer.  It is a step up from my original Slim and Tone Plan and is a 10 week program with an intense training program and diet to ensure you get in shape quickly.  It includes everything you need: weights routines with photos of exercises, instructions on how to perform advanced training, detailed reps, sets and tempos to use.  Separate abs routines ensure you can focus on the all important abdominals with both weighted and cardio abs schedules. The diet is easy to follow and is based on healthy. clean eating with nothing processed and no macros or calories to count.

Note: This plan requires a knowledge and some experience of working out in a gym and the equipment associated with this.

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