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Customers choose to buy from Fitterr because they can easily compare coaches and read unbiased reviews. If you want already sell online fitness plans/coaching programs, or you want to start, being on Fitterr is a no brainer.

List Your Plans/Services

Register on Fitterr, create your profile and create your own FitJobs. FitJobs are fitness services, and can include anything from weight loss plans & workout programmes, to marathon running programmes and bodybuilding coaching.

Reach A Global Audience

Fitterr's customers include people from 48 different countries. Get your product in front of a global audience.

Get Paid

When a customer purchases your FitJob, we'll notify you by email. You can chat to your new client and deliver the plan/programme, then you get paid.

Fitness Coaches Are Thriving On Fitterr

Fitness coaches are selling their services to customers across the globe on Fitterr. Get your products in-front of thousands of potential customers.



Running & Triathlon Coach

First Month Sales: $390


Running Coach

First Month Sales: $99

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Fitterr The Online Marketplace

Set Up In Minutes

Register your profile and start selling in less than 5 minutes.

No Coding Required

Setting up a profile and listing a product is as simple as setting up a Facebook profile.

Sell Sell Sell

You can sell a wide variety of fitness services (FitJobs) such as workout programmess, weight loss plans, running programmes, bodybuilding coaching and much more.

Easy Payments

Clients purchase your plan is seconds. You can tracks sales and withdraw funds once you have delivered the FitJob.

Manage Clients With Ease

You can manage your clients, FitJobs and sales from anywhere at anytime on any device. Get notified whenever you make a new sale or when a client sends you a message.

Clients LOVE Fitterr

Fitterr offers customers a way to compare fitness coaches & plans, purchase them safely and access customer support 24 hours a day. It also offers them a super convenient way to communicate with their new fitness coach. It's no wander thousands are heading to Fitterr to find an online coach.

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